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  Next quilt show April 4 & 5, 2025
Benton County Fairgrounds

2023 QUILT Show - closed

QUILT Show  - Helen Hefner (Chair) & Diane Crandell (Co-Chair)

Raffle Quilt - Helen Hefner, Diane Crandell, Sheila Bayles & Laura Speer

      Quilted by Vicki Clancy

Raffle Ticket Sales - Betty McKee & Betty Taylor

Registration - Daphne Mauer

Quilt Show Setup - Kathy Turner

Treasurer - Tina Lockwood

Volunteers - Joe Ann Reaves

Quilt Judging - Helen Hefner, Jo Ann Collier & Sandy Vetter

Memorials - Joe Ann Reaves

Program Booklet - Katha Carter

Publicity - Laura Speer

Quilt Appraisal - Alice McElwain & Lori Jones

QUILT Shop & Boutique - Sheri Shaw & Marty Stanchi

Quilting Treasures - Natalie McCrory & Shirley Herbaugh

Ribbons - Adele Atha & Barbara Hamernick

Signage - Denise Gelinas

Small Quilt Auction - Adele Atha, Therese Ramsey & Marty Stanchi

Vendors - Roberta Harris 

Venue - Helen Hefner

Challenge Quilt - Elizabeth Ray

Vendor Information

Quilt Categories
Dresden Quilt Challenge

       For this challenge, participants are asked to create unique quilts using and inspired

       by the traditional Dresden Plate blocks.  


       Eligible quilts must feature Dresdens, full or partial, as a primary design element.            

       Dresdens may include, but are not limited to, partial plates or blades, pieced, appliqué,

       fabric printed with Dresdens, single Dresdens, multiple Dresdens, etc.

       This is the QUILT of NW Arkansas's challenge for 2021.  The quilt must be at least 30

       inches across by 30 inches in length.  It can be a maximum of 40 inches across by 40

       Inches in length.  It also must be by definition a quilt with 3 layers - top, batting and

       backing.  Any technique to make the top can be used to convey the topic of the quilt.

Designed by Elizabeth Ray, member of QUILT and winner of the 2019 challenge.

Small Quilt Auction

Submit donation quilts for the Small Quilt Auction

by the QUILT monthly meeting on March 23, 2023


Registration is closed for the 2023 Quilt Show

You must be a QUILT member to register.
Special Ribbons
You may purchase a $25 ribbon and attach it to the quilt of your choice.
They are available to individuals or to vendors.  They can be a memorial ribbon,
"in honor" ribbon or a sponsor ribbon.  Fill out the form and send to Roberta Harris
by April 1st.



Q.U.I.L.T. Guild of NW Arkansas

PO Box 1364
Springdale, Arkansas 72765

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