What about Membership?
2020 members will not pay 2021 dues.  New members, please see below. 
  • Free attendance at monthly meetings

  • Free attendance at organized Cuddly Quilt sew-ins

  • Member rates for lectures, workshops, and classes throughout the year

  • Members have first options to workshops 

  • Email access to the monthly Newsletter

  • A place to showcase your quilts - show and tell is held at most monthly meetings

   Lots of quilts and camaraderie with other quilters in one space...along with laughter and

   lots of fun!

Become a member of Q.U.I.L.T.


$25 for regular membership ages 19-79; 

$10.00 for a junior membership –  18 years and younger

Dues are FREE for a senior membership — 80 years or older

$15.00 for a prorated memberships — July through December

Print out the membership application, fill out and mail to the address below:



Q.U.I.L.T. Guild of NW Arkansas

PO Box 1364
Springdale, Arkansas 72765